Praxis Magazine



Jr. GOYA (6th through 8th grade students) and Sr. GOYA (High School age youth) support our young people as they continue to learn about the Orthodox faith and especially apply its teachings to their lives.  We pray that the GOYAns work to live a life centered around Christ, developing their relationship with Christ and each other.  We try to enhance their spiritual growth with discussions about our Church and how to use the Church to guide and strengthen them in their faith when facing everyday life situations.  There are also times for outreach, social, and recreational activities.

The Jr. GOYAns meet on the 2nd Wednesday of every month at church and on the 4th Friday of every month for outreach and social events.  The Sr. GOYAns meet on the 2nd Wednesday of the month for meetings as well at other locales.  Events are also planned throughout the year to develop and add to the GOYAns’ spiritual lives.  There is time to discuss many different spiritual topics with Fr. Andrew, as well as with the advisors and each other.  All youth between 6th and 12th grades are encouraged to be a part of these important ministries.  


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