Parish Council

The Parish Council is the elected body of practicing Orthodox Christian Stewards of Saint Sophia who work together with Fr. Andrew to aid in the fulfillment of the goals and concerns of the parish. It is an office requiring an individual to have Faith, Hope and Love leading to loyalty and commitment to our Church. The Parish Council meets every third Monday of the month at 6:30pm.

Members of the Parish Council

Executive Board

Mr. George Karas, President

Mr. Dan Savas, Vice President

Mrs. Maria Jensen,  Secretary

Mr. Peter Cappas, Assistant Secretary

Mrs. Chrysoula Zannis,  Treasurer

Mr. Jim Boytor, Assistant Treasurer 

Board Members

Mr. Spero Argyris

Mr. Sam Boytor

Mr. Joseph Calash

Mr. Kosta Caribacas

Mr. Nick Grivas

Mr. Tasos Kalamaras

Mr. Art Sbarounis



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