The GOYA (or Greek Orthodox Youth of America) of Saint Sophia is an extension of our community’s broad youth and young adult ministry. Serving all teenagers 6th-12th grade, this ministry provides youth with opportunities to participate in worship, volunteer and engage in philanthropic activities, and grow their Orthodox Christian faith. Founded on the principles of worship, fellowship, service, and witness, this national parish ministry is guided by Saint Nectarios' youth director and many adult and young adult volunteers.  

By getting involved in GOYA, middle and high school youth learn to express their faith through a variety of hands on activities, including community outreach, informed dialogue, and liturgical services, and are further encouraged to take on leadership roles by helping with our various JOY and HOPE events; and all parish-wide activities.


There are 3 Youth Ministry Programs:

  • HOPE - infants 40 days old to age 5
  • FAITH – Kindergarten to 2nd Grades
  • JOY – 3rd to 5th Grades
  • Jr. GOYA – 6th to 8th Grades
  • Sr. GOYA – High School

The Youth Ministry groups tailor their respective programs to encourage the children in various activities through social interaction, crafts, singing and occasional
outings, all with in the context of the Orthodox faith. For more information click here to contact our office.

Youth Ministry Programs 

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