Agape Dancers

Agape Dance Troupe Directors - Demetrios Kouretas and Taso Kalamaras

Welcome Back Agape Dancers!

It's that time of year again! Agape Dance Troupe practices have resumed. We are asking that you register your dancers for the year so we can keep better records of who is involved with the dance troupe, and so we can update our e-mail and mailing lists. Please click on the link below to register online. This information just gets sent to me directly for our dance troupe files. 

Below is explained the breakdown of the three groups. This breakdown is in response to parents' concerns regarding the developmental differences between a 1st and 6th grader, which are vast in regards to dance, attention span, and how they are taught. This will allow our instructors to best teach your dancers so that they can get the MOST out of their dance troupe experience. 

Troupe Groups:

Asterakia ("Little Stars") - Grades 1-3 
Learn the basics of Greek dancing through music and organized steps. Simple dances taught to help dancers learn how to dance in a group and move to direction. Group performs at the Greek Festival and Apokriatiko Glendi and wear their own costumes from any regions from Greece, and some troupe costumes available if you do not own your own

Junior Troupe - Grades 4-6 
Dances will learn more technical dances in two sets (Island Dances and Mainland Dances), which will be performed at the Greek Festival, Aprokriatiko Glendi, and other performances throughout the year. Dancers at this point will have leadership opportunities through dance where they can lead and teach dances to one another. We will start with the two dance sets from October and work thought them, learning each as the year moves forward. Junior Troupe dancers wear their own costumes from any regions of Greece, and some troupe costumes are available if you do not have your own. The Junior Troupe practices at the same time slot as the Asterakia, but will receive separate instruction.

Senior Troupe - Grades 7-12 
Dancers in the Senior Troupe learn dances in two sets -- Pontic Dances and Mainland Dances. This will build onto previously learned dances, rounding out the sets to showcase various regions of Greece. The Senior Troupe performs at the Greek Festival, Aprokriatiko Glendi, Annual Dinner Dance, and other performances throughout the year. 


The Agape Dance Troupe was founded in 1986. The Agape Dance Troupe is open to all Children in first through twelfth grade whose parents are Stewards of the Saint Sophia Community. The Troupe performs at our annual Greek Fest and other cultural, civic and private events in the Fox Valley area.

Through dance, one expresses and upholds the Hellenic culture of our fathers and forefathers. Practices are held at the Church.


The Agape Dance Troupe is available to perform at Weddings, Baptism or any other type of functions. Please contact the Church office at:  847.888.2822

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