Reuniting Our People With Their Parish Home

Priest blessing the congregation

Faithful Stewards of St. Sophia,

We are pleased to announced the removal of many COVID19 restrictions in our churches for Divine Liturgy, baptisms, weddings and ministries. 

These changes are effective immediately:

All parishes of the Metropolis may cease requiring fully vaccinated people to use facemasks and observe social distancing.

Individuals who are not fully vaccinated are encouraged to continue wearing a facemask over the nose and mouth and observing social distancing.

Church’s will not ask worshippers if they have been vaccinated.

There will be a designated area within the church for the faithful who wish to have socially distanced seating and mask wearing. 

Contact  tracing  sign-in  must  continue.  St. Sophia will continue to use SignUpGenius for the faithful to register or faithful may sign-in upon arrival.  There is no cap on the number of faithful who attend a service.  

Veneration of icons and other sacred items may resume.

Choirs may resume provided that all participating choir members are fully  vaccinated. Multiple chanters at one chanter stand may resume, provided all chanters at the stand are fully vaccinated.   

Tray offerings may resume and digital offering options are encouraged. 

Hand sanitizer stations are encouraged to remain in place. 

In addition to the change in our facemask and social distancing safety measures, all parishes are encouraged to resume regular programs and ministries, including, but not limited to in-person coffee and fellowship hours, meetings, classes, choirs, ministries and all other programs.  

Communion of the faithful: 

The faithful will continue to receive Holy Communion at the proper time. 

 The faithful should sanitize their hands as they approach the chalice and may touch the communion cloth. 

Parishioners who wish to blot their lips on the communion cloth may do so. 

If, at any time during Holy Communion, the priest feels that the communion cloth is no longer clean, he should immediately replace it with a clean cloth. 

Antidoron will be distributed after Holy Communion and at dismissal. 

Coffee and Social Hour after Services:  As a general rule, a parish may reinstate its coffee hour.  Prepackaged treats and controlled coffee and beverage service are encouraged. 

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