Welcome To St. Sophia 

The Holy Orthodox Church of Saint Sophia is a Community of Orthodox Christians who strive to love their God with all their hearts, souls and minds. With this, we seek to love our neighbors as ourselves. The goals of our parish are to equip its faithful stewards for the work of its ministries: for the building up of the Body of Christ. Through this we grow together in the grace, and knowledge of our Savior, Jesus Christ.

As a community serving Orthodox Christians in the Elgin/Fox Valley area, we have been Blessed with so much. By the Grace of God we enjoy a beautiful Church. Its numerous programs are explained within this web site. The greatest sign of appreciation and thanksgiving towards the Lord, is to pass our Orthodox Faith onto our children. We must preserve, enhance, build and make secure the present and future of Christ's Holy Church.

We invite all Orthodox Christians to become Stewards of Saint Sophia, and for you who are, I thank you for keeping the ministry alive. As faithful Stewards, your commitment is a sign of Faith, Hope and Love. A faithful Steward allows his or her heart to be their guide as one decides the commitment that best exemplifies their faith. My prayer for all is that your experience is a spiritual and rewarding one. May our Triune God, the Father in Heaven and earth grant you peace and joy as we together seek His Glorious Kingdom.



Building our New House of Worship and Classroom.....Come and See

Fellow Parishioners,

It is with great pleasure that we share some exciting information with you regarding the future of our beloved St. Sophia Church. As you know, we are in the process of seriously considering the realization of our Master Plan with the implementation of Phase I, which includes the building of a new Church and the building of new Classrooms and Administrative wing. At this point, we have completed the preliminary design (Schematic Design) of the project and we are getting estimates for construction cost.

We want to share with you the drawings of the new buildings, with the hope that you too get excited and start asking questions. It is only with everybody’s involvement and full understanding that a project like this can be successful. Your interest and participation in this process is critical, because this is your Church and your buildings, as much as anyone else’s in the community. Yes, there are several volunteers who work hard on your behalf, either on the Parish Council, or on its various committees for this project, but at the end, they all need your help and support in order to accomplish the right thing for you and the community.

Please take some time to look through the presentation of the drawings and understand what they show. All your questions will be truly welcome! We understand that these two-dimensional drawings are not the easiest thing to follow for many of us. Don’t let that keep you from being interested. Take a look and give us your thoughts and comments; we really need them! By the way, we are also working on some three dimensional animation video that will visually explain this in a much easier way. Stay tuned for more on that shortly.

Thank you in advance for all your interest and comments. May we all have a blessed summer!

Your Construction and Capital Campaign Committees    

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