Golden Circle

The Golden Circle Group is for the Senior Stewards of the Community who wish to grow in an Orthodox setting. Its purpose is to  bring fellowship among Servants of the Lord  as they deal with the sacred and secular issues of our times. Lead by Andrea Karthan, its goal is to promote Faith, Hope and Love as well as an ever lasting relationship.

The Golden Circle Group meets every month from October through May at 11:00 AM in the Church's community center and is open to all. Please call the Ministry Leader - Andi Karthan or the Church office for more info.

Upcoming Meeting Dates are as follows:

  • 10/10/22
  • 11/14/22
  • 12/12/22
  • 01/09/23
  • 02/13/23
  • 03/13/23
  • 04/03/23
  • 05/08/23

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