St. Sophia Greek Orthodox Church - Parish Council

The Parish Council is composed of faithful men and women who are dedicated Orthodox Christians and who sacrifice their time, talents, and resources for the Church. We represent the parish, as clergy and laity together, and seek to fulfill the mission ascribed to us by our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Members of the 2022 Parish Council

Father Andrew Karamitos, Presiding Priest

Executive Board

  • Mr. Antonis Theodorou, President
  • Mr. Anthony Kroll, 1st Vice President
  • Mrs. Chrysoula Zannis, 2nd Vice President
  • Mr. Dan Savas, Secretary
  • Mrs. Janice Novick, Assistant Secretary
  • Mr. Zack Frangiadakis, Treasurer
  • Mrs. Matina Caribacas, Assistant Treasurer

Board Members

  • Mr. John Argiris
  • Miss. Angela Kalamaras
  • Mr. George Karas
  • Mr. George Kontos
  • Mr. Dennis Spyratos
  • Mr. Ari Smith
  • Mr. Jeff Smith
  • Mr. George Velianoff