St. Sophia Greek Orthodox Church Youth Ministries


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Youth Ministry at St. Sophia has programs for all ages.  In a nutshell, our goal is to create FUN outings and events, INSPIRING service projects, help build LASTING relationships with fellow Orthodox youth, all while the youth are growing a MEANINGFUL relationship with Christ and our Orthodox Faith.

There are 5 Groups within our Youth Ministry:

  • HOPE - infants 40 days old to age 5
  • FAITH – Kindergarten to 2nd Grades
  • JOY – 3rd to 5th Grades
  • Jr. GOYA – 6th to 8th Grades
  • Sr. GOYA – High School


Our HOPE group will meet weekly on Wednesdays beginning September 22nd with a parent or caregiver.  Meetings will consist of a playtime, craft, story, "HOPE SONGS" and a snack.  Our activities each week will be geared around a different Orthodox topic that will begin with each letter of the alphabet.

Our FAITH, JOY, Jr. GOYA, and Sr. GOYA Youth groups will meet at least once monthly in their small groups.  We will also have opportunities for whole family/multi group outings, events, service projects, worship, and etc. often throughout the Youth Ministry Year.

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November Schedule




HOPE Group



Gingerbread Baking

We need your help getting ready for our BIG Gingerbread Party in December!  Join us!



Gingerbread Party