St. Sophia Greek Orthodox Church Youth Ministries

Youth Ministry at St. Sophia has programs for all ages.  In a nutshell, our goal is to create FUN outings and events, INSPIRING service projects, help build LASTING relationships with fellow Orthodox youth, all while the youth are growing a MEANINGFUL relationship with Christ and our Orthodox Faith.

There are 5 Youth Ministry Groups:

  • HOPE - infants 40 days old to age 5
  • FAITH – Kindergarten to 2nd Grades
  • JOY – 3rd to 5th Grades
  • Jr. GOYA – 6th to 8th Grades
  • Sr. GOYA – High School


Our HOPE group will meet weekly on Wednesdays with a parent or caregiver.  We will begin with virtual meetings beginning in October at 9:30 AM.  Meetings will consist of a story and the "HOPE SONGS" while we are virtual.  The whole meeting will last less than 30 minutes but it gives children and parents/caregivers a chance to get to know each other and engage an little before we are back to in-person meetings.

Our FAITH, JOY, Jr. GOYA, and Sr. GOYA Youth groups will meet at least once monthly in their small groups.  We will also have opportunities for whole family/multi group outings, events, service projects, worship, and etc. often throughout the Youth Ministry Year.

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